sydney, australia

The final stop of our Australia trip was Sydney, the most populous and arguably the most well-known city on the continent. This is must-do in Australia, so, we scheduled about 2.5 days of fun!

We were lucky to be in Sydney during Vivid Sydney (a lights and music festival that goes on for a few weeks each year). Every night, there are light shows all over the city. One of the best ways to see the lights is on a harbor cruise, so that’s exactly what we did!


We also did a day trip to the Blue Mountains, which was beautiful! Fun fact: This area is called the “Blue Mountains” because from a distance, they look blue! This is from all of the eucalyptus trees which release oils into the air, and that oil reflects light and makes everything appear blue from a distance (secret comment from Steve: NEEERRRRDD!). The day trip included a few stops at lookout points, a hike to a waterfall, a visit to a park where kangaroos are known to hang out, and a lesson on how to throw a boomerang. We also had an Aussie BBQ complete with some kangaroo to try. It was fine… it tasted like beef, but dryer. I was unsure whether I felt comfortable eating kangaroo, but our tour guide explained that kangaroos are actually pests and are extremely overpopulated throughout Australia, which made me feel better about it.


We walked miles and miles around Sydney, took hundreds of pictures of the opera house, walked across the harbor bridge, and took a boat around the harbor and surrounding areas. We had a gorgeous day and enjoyed the views!


On they day we left, we wanted to get some exercise before we got on our flight to the States, so we went for a hike along the coast. There is a gorgeous coastal walk about an hour east of the downtown area, which took just under 2 hours to complete. The views were great, and we even saw some whales in the distance! It was a beautiful finale to our time in Sydney.


Now, it’s time to head home! We had a 5 hour layover in Honolulu… so we went to Waikiki for a few hours to kill some time. One last hoorah before heading to mainland USA!

Quick stop in Hawaii!